Steve Rogers on the Issues

Family first

Families are the foundational building blocks upon which we revitalize our communities and our economy. I will protect children from neglect and abuse. I will work with the private sector to build relationships that root out the abusers. And as we have seen the true value of human life in recent months, we will not allow human or sex traffickers one inch of space with which to operate in our communities.

Defend Fort Bend

Federal and state laws exist to provide protections for citizens. I will fight to make sure that all citizens receive the legal protections they are entitled to receive. The office I manage will put the families and communities of Fort Bend first, with no exceptions.

Infrastructure & Eminent Domain

I will make sure that when the county exercises its eminent domain power that its citizens are fairly treated and fairly compensated. Eminent Domain is an everyday part of a growing county. Fort Bend County remains the fastest-growing large county in the nation with more than a 26 percent population increase since 2010.

Increased Transparency

Good governance is effective and efficient. In exchange for their power, local citizens expect their government to be fair and to spend their tax dollars wisely and without waste. Citizens expect government workers to work as efficiently as possible so that their tax dollars are put to the best use. My office will lead by example.

Tough on Corruption

My office will be one where transparency is required of all staff members and accountability makes sure that county contracts are not given out to special interests as favors. Now, more than ever, we have to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, there is no room for corruption.